The game and the arts in the site The game and the arts in the game site


The game about the each system in the world.

The each games have the real world systems, about the system have been used in the game.

The game have been continued in the game system as the real system in the games have been used the system.

The button playing could have moved objects in the system in the real world is the machines have been controlled in the system.

The games is the societies in the each times have been. The ancient and the medival times

game concepts have been seen in the games. The system based on the each societies

in the histories. The primitive idea have been seen

like a travel and the seeking items in a life.


about game

You can use mouse event and the character is moved. In the town,you should find the cat that is her friend.

In the town,there is no people, if she waked up


about game2

In the town,show has falled. There are some people in this country. She should go to the country center. There is shrines and a city. It is the ordeal.

There is a kingdom in this countries.

They have been seen in the fort a girl have been traveled for the search a rock. There is stories about the

king's families.The stone is seen as the items of the control the countries.


about game3

In the town,she had have a work. There is a building many people was. The telephone is called and she answer the phone. and the verity event has have.


about game4

In the restaurant of the Chinese country,she takes a tea. If she have a tea a lot. She could win a prize.


about game5

In the town,she has a work. The ship is coming the water gate. If the gate is broken,she could

open the gate as she is gate keeper.


about game6

In the town garden,she has a work. The shooter in the garden and worked the garden gurde.She has the weapon for hunting the irritated monster fruits.

Keep the garden as a archer


about game7

In the town,she has a work at front of the gate. As the archer she have kept the gate of the industrial city.

She keep the city form the enemies.


about game8

A animal have been in the sky. the sand land have been. The animal have been into the world in the sand land The animal have been seen the old contries have been in the sand land.

The animal travels the world at the past in the eastern far land.


about game9

A tower in the grass land and the people have a kingdom. A empire have been near the land. and the land have been covered by the power of the great empire.

There are a small land and the people have been captured by the empire soldiers. The peasant company have been to the tower and the land owner girl captured on the top of the tower.


about game10

The tower game trial. There are very large land have been. The tower had have been many geograhies, near the land.

The people lived in the near the land have fought against people from the near countries.


about game11

The seeking game. There are the magic world near the town.

There are the trees in the town.

They are search the entrance in the world.

There are big cities near the park have the beautiful catle and the supermacy at the kingdom.

The 3D game trial.


about game12

The card game. In the hotel lunge.A girl have been try to game. The card game have been not seen the

trying to make the game system for her.

The card mountain have been seen in the next stage for her and the card have been selected if the mouse have been clicked the mountain of cards. if the each card have been make the sense

equeled the card have been sweeped and the score one.


about game13

The server management game. The enginner have been used in the company.

If the servers have been broken as the company incidents,the each engineerings is used the engineer assitants.

The server troubles have been managed and the server have been

maintained as maintenance. Try the used the server systems as the troubles management

each server trouble managed as the each server engineering simulation game.


about game14

In the city,there is the building in the center of the districts. the tower have been used the company people in the land.

The staire in the very high tower is the people is have been used the building as the bussiness.

There is the door closed and the people have been used the each keys for the open the door.

A girl have been used the door manager for the trying to the open by the way of the people have been used the building room.

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